Cockroaches Control Services 

The most effective Cockroaches Control services are offered by Pest-O-Stop to get rid of cockroaches forever and ensure the health and safety of your family. For getting rid of cockroach, we use the superior quality chemicals, duly approved by the Central Insecticides board.We provide the best, most effective solution for total control and eradication of cockroaches. We use gels which have a highly potent active ingredient and applied at every cockroach hide out, while a spray treatment is used in the other areas.Gel/baiting treatment and spray treatment are effectively used to treat this problem.


•Transmission of diseases

•Food Contamination

•Asthma, diarrhea

•Insanitary Condition


•Completely Odorless

•Highly Effective

•Hassle Free Application

•Pest Protection



Never Worry about Cockroaches.

  • The most effective Cockroaches Control services are offered by Pest-O-Stop to get rid of cockroaches forever and ensure the health and safety of your family. We use Gels which have a highly potent active ingredient and applied at every cockroach hide out, while a spray treatment is used in the other areas. Gel/ Baiting / Dusting treatment effectively used to treat this problem.
  • •No smell, No Hassel, No Inconvenience, Total Hygienic

    •No smell, no fuss, no inconvenience

    •No need to vacate the kitchen

    •Protection against Cockroaches,

    •Advanced Gel-Baiting System


•Clear garbage bin daily

•Seal all the cracks / crevices

•Clear all the leftover food items after the meal

•Seal off plumbing leakage if any

•Maintain proper Sanitation & ventilation in the kitchen

•Check for the incoming material in house/kitchen for any infestation.


•Do not wipe off the gel spots applied while treatment

•Do not spray any aerosols (HIT) in the kitchen after treatment

•Do not use cartons for storage

•Do not keep/store empty milk bags in the kitchen

•Do not use paper as base material in cupboard

•Do not panic when you find a few cockroaches

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Bed bug Control Services

Bed bugs are very small insects without wings. They are a type of nocturnal parasites, as they rest during the day and feast at night. Bed bugs are parasites that rely on blood to survive. Bed bugs have the potential to carry diseases in the body. We use chemical treatment and offer two services in an interval of 15-day,  contract for 45 Days  for bed bug treatment. We spray residual pesticide into hiding places for bed bugs and at places where they have laid eggs. We also have a heat/steam method for controlling bed bugs. Heating / steam treatment methods are used effectively to treat this problem.

 Bed bugs can affect anyone – rich or poor ,but especially those in urban areas are more affected

• More common in low cost housing societies, old age homes, public places like theatres, transport vehicles,

• Hospitals, hotels, dormitories, hostels, etc.

• Wang et. in their trials in 2009 which included 16 infested one-bedroom apartments in the US.

categorized the
proportion of infestation based on their preferred hiding places:

 > 60% in the box

  > 22% in

  >13% in sofas and

  > 4% in bed
frames   1% in other areas


•Nuisance Value

•Dermal Allergy

•Restless Sleep

•Itching Problems


•Long Lasting Effect

•Completely Odourless

•Hassle Free


Never Worry about Bedbugs.

•Certified 45 Days  / Annual inspection of your home and property

•No Bedbugs control fees if bedbugs appear

•No Smell

•The strongest bedbugs control grantees in the business

•The latest control technologies applied by experienced professionals




•Vacate all the cupboards & Beds at the time of service

•Seal all the cracks & crevices with suitable material after service.

•Keep small children’s & Pets away while servicing.

•Ventilate the room properly before entering into it after service.

•Make all the areas available for service at the time of service schedule.

•Dismantle the Headboard of Bed at the time of services.


•Inspect the laundry & baggage items always before storing for Bedbug infestation.


•Don’t take any material outside from infested area at the time of services.

•Do not spray the chemical when the doors and windows are closed

•Close the doors and windows after treatment for 2 hrs

•Do not allow the Asthma patients and Children in the house at the time of treatment

•Do not use the cot/furniture till the chemical is completely dried


•Do not panic when you find dead bedbugs

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Termite Control services

We use highly professional and advanced techniques for treating the termite infestation problem.We use direct chemical liquid  for Termite control.

Our trained Pest control technicians are trained to use integrated termite treatment and control service.Our  products are applied inside and outside of a home.We use only Government approved chemicals.

 Our technicians shall use the latest detection techniques to locate termites in the wooden furniture,brick and masonry to cause no damage to the structure.

Pre-construction treatment: In our pre- construction, anti-termite as per BIS Spec. IS: 6313 (Part II) – 2001, Bottom surface and sides of foundation pits up to height of 30cm should be treated.


Never worry about Termites .

•Certified annual inspection of your home and property

•No termite control fees if termites appears

•No termite damage repair bills. We’ll cover everything

•The strongest termite control guarantee in the business

•The latest control technologies applied by experience professionals

Post construction treatment:


•Ensure all drilled holes are sealed properly

•Shift the all wall attached material 2FT away from wall to facilitate drilling activity.

•Empty wardrobes, wooden cabinets, wooden units, etc. for treatment of all fixed woodwork.

•Suggest to fix the Plumbing leakage and seepage in the area.

•Check the layout plan for electrical conduits, Gas and plumbing lines.

•Destroy all existing infestations.

•Remove all mud tubes.

•Note down all damages, wooden fixture’s in details.

•Ensure provision of electricity and water at the time of service.

•Provide access to concealed areas such as false-ceiling, false flooring, loft, ducts/shaft and similar areas.

•Always talk about management not eradication.


•Do not leave any stains on the floor

•Do not drill the holes without prior permission from the customer

•Do not touch the customer belongings.


•Don not apply the excess solution on the infested wooden fixtures

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Rodent Control Services

Rodent pest control services: Rodents are the most clever mammals. As per research ,their breeding rate is as high as one pair can multiply to 800 in a year. Approximately 6 mice can multiply into more than 60 mice in 3 months. They destroy, infest, contaminate more than they feed, because of their continuous “GNAWING ACTION”. If not treated by rodent pest control services, Rodent causes severe diseases like Leptospirosis, ratbite fever, Plague, Trichinosis, Salmonellosis and also food poisoning.

Pestostop Rodent Proofing service:

Our highly qualified and trained technicians will deal effectively with your problem.All our products are selected considering effectiveness, safety and environment friendliness. All work is carried out taking due care to adhere to Health and Safety legislation.We guarantee all our customers,the best quality of Pest Proofing service i.e rodent pest control at a realistic and economic price.We have the latest control technologies for Rodent control.

Effective rodent treatment:

Rodent control for your premises will be done using baiting and trapping methods. Baiting will be done by placing herbal baits within the premises. Rodent control for the external premises of the building will be carried out mainly by the baiting method. Poison baits in sealed packets containing bromodiolone will be placed at strategic places around the building.


Herbal way to eradicate rodents :We have a special Herbal  product  which contains no poisonous chemicals and very effective for rodents who are completely resistant to conventional anticoagulants.This product is completely risk free and cause no harm to children or pet .It can be used in Hotels, society , Godown, corporate, Hospitals,parks, schools etc.


Never Worry about Rodents.

•Certified 3 month or annual inspection of your home & property

•Herbal is consumed as food source as part of rodent as natural eating habbits

•After ingestion dehydration commences causing blood thickening & circulatory collapse

•Rodent become lethargic , retreat to their burrows where they lapse into a coma and die

•Rodent activity become less , with in 4 to 7 days Rodent generally die in their burrow

•Faecal droppings become bleached in colour & larger in size

•No Foul smell emanating from its body , if use herbal treatment

•The strongest rodent control guarantee in the business

•The Herbal latest control technologies  applied by experience Pestostop professionals

•No risk to children or pets

•No risk to live stock or birds

•No known resistance


•Traps should be placed in the rodent active area

•Place the bait preferably in Evening hours

•Keep traps clean and in good condition

•Seal all utility line penetrations in wall

•Seal all openings around service conduits


•Always draw a layout map for Traps / Bait placing


•Do not keep bait inside the premises

•Don’t keep the bait in areas accessible to children and pets

•Do not handle baits / dead rat with bare hand

•Do not place baits in open


•Do not throw waste baits / dead rat in open.

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Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes carry many infectious diseases from several different kinds of microorganisms, including viruses and parasites Mosquito-borne illnesses include malaria, virus, elephantiasis, yellow fever ,dengue fever, etc. Pest-O-Stop is proud to offer affordable, effective mosquito control solutions for both residential and commercial clients.Fogging and Spraying are the most effective services offered by us to control mosquito breeding . Ground level application or aerial application of chemical pesticide is used to control the growth of adult mosquitoes.In the spraying method, we spray a colourless and odourless insecticide on the walls.This treatment causes no harm to the human being and is very effective.For Mosquito treatment thermal,cold fogging ,spray treatment and larviside spray are effectively used.


Never Worry about MOSQUITOES

•Certified 3 Months or Annual inspection of your home and property

•No Mosquito control fees if Mosquito reappear during AMC

•No Mosquito damage repair bills. We’ll not  cover single service

•No smell, No Hassles, No Inconvenience, Total Hygienic

•Protection against Mosquito & Flies

•Advanced IRS  System, Spraying , fogging  and dusting

•The strongest Mosquito control grantees in the business is Pestostop

•The latest control technologies applied by experienced professionals

  • WHO Approved
  • Target Mosquito and Flies
  • No Smell


•Contaminated water around should be disposed off

•Use mosquito repellent/net

•The Body should be covered as much as possible.

•Keep unscreened doors and windows closed.

•Pick up and haul away all trash piles, broken down washing machines, junk cars, bottles and cans, and related items from around society.

•Fill tree holes with mortar.

•Drill holes in the bottom of tire swings.

•Empty or change water in pet dishes, birdbaths, horse troughs, etc. at least once a week.

•Keep roof, gutters clean.

•Cover the water tanks.


•Fix any low spots in the surroundings that hold water for long-term control


•Avoid water stagnation to prevent breeding of mosquitoes

•Remove stagnated water from coolers, containers, garbage, etc. once in a week.

•Avoid contaminated blood transfusion

•During pregnancy, one shouldn’t travel to a malaria/Dengue spread region.

•Discourage children to play outdoors in shorts and half/without sleeves

•Avoid having open water areas or containers around the house such as puddles, open water tanks, damaged water pipes, tires, etc. that might breed mosquitoes.


•Avoid accumulation of decaying material and garbage in and around the home.

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Ants Control Services

Easy and economical to apply

• Can be diluted to effectively control mega-colony ants

• Ideal for quarterly service accounts or whenever extended control of ants is desired

• Easily consumed by foraging ants, which return to the colony to feed bait to larvae and the queen(s)

• Delayed action kill eliminates the entire colony

• Clear, odourless formula

• Easy squeeze tube

• Volume meter

• Flexible label for indoor and outdoor use in residential and commercial accounts

• Needle tip for crack-and-crevice, void or spot treatment

Pests controlled


Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, big-headed ants, black garden ants, crazy ants, ghost ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, rover ants, thief ants, white-footed ants.

Painting Pest Control

Painting pest control services are the best preventive way to keep away from termites and pests such as spider, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, etc. during your annual colouring process.A paint additive is added to keep your property free from crawling insects. The paint additive also acts as an anti-rust. It can be mixed with paint or stain and won’t affect the finish or coating of the walls. Basically you’ll just paint as a normal  painting ,but the chemical added to it will run the bugs away. From that point on the paint or stain will repel these crawling insects specially termites for as long as the paint remains on walls and when it depreciates, you will start noticing insects coming back, you can mix some of it up with water and spray over the paint on the walls.Pestostop has effective remedial measure for this kind of pest control.


• Where is it used: Painting pest control is done on bridges, export packings, hospitals. Builders use it for foundation treatment.Architects use it on interior woodwork and a host of other areas.

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Organic Pest Control

Synthetic pesticides are unhealthy for the environment ,the people and animals that live in it.For this reason,You can opt for customised organic pest control service which has a little higher charge than the regular pest control service but is very effective in places like school,hospitals or even residential apartments.

Pest control treatments in homes and commercial properties have become very popular and important in recent times due to people realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With this realization, it is equally important to realize the methods of treatments available and their effects. 

Natural/herbal pest control methods are comparatively new in the fight against pests. So, let’s have a look at the key differences between herbal and chemical pest control methods :-

Herbal Pest Control

Chemical Pest control

Herbal Pest Control products use organisms or odourless traps to control pests, this method also reduces the pests and never harms occupants of the area.

Chemical Pest Control takes quick action and it’s lower costs upfront. There are two types of CPC methods i.e. non-selective and selective which are most harmful because they can kill all kinds of organism & pests even human & pets also.

Natural Pest Control methods are safe very successful & less damaging for human beings and Environment than chemical controls.

The toxins used in chemicals are more dangerous dangerous to children and sensitive people, who have weaker immune systems.

Natural Pest Control methods take some more time to display effects, time taken for this is more than 10-15 days.

Chemical Pest Control method display effectiveness faster as compared to their herbal counterparts.

Herbal Pest treatment charges higher cost than Chemical Pest Control.

Chemical controls charges lower cost as compared to herbal products.

Natural pest methods are not as strong as chemical methods, and this is why multiple applications might be required in cases with higher pest density.

Chemical Control methods are stronger with respect to relative potency.

Herbal products are less popular in the market because these are comparatively harder to source.

Chemical products are more popular in the market because these are very easy to use.

Birds Pest Control

Features of Bird nets are as follows:

·         Made of Polyethylene which is durable, strong, and weather resistant.

·         Net is UV light stabilized & it is heat treated to prevent knot slippage.

·         Twin breaking strength – 15kg.

·         Softening point of net – 120 oC.

·         Melting point of net > 130 oC.

·         Chemically Insert, does not absorb water, resistance to acids & alkalis.

·         Electrical Insulator.

·         Net mesh size.

·         For Pigeons – 50 mm x 50 mm.

Advantages of Bird Net System:

·         Effective:-Suitable for all levels of bird pressure.

·         Versatile:-Can protect many perching places.

·         Discreet:- Virtually invisible.

   ·     Durable:- Known for long durability unless damaged by sharp edges.

  •   Humane:- Cannot physically harm the birds.


No Small, No Hassle, 

No Inconvenience,

Total Hygienic !