Why having a Membership with Pest-O-Stop is a wise decision?

Due to our strong belief system in preventative measures, we invest our time in removing infestations and double-down our efforts towards making sure these issues never corrupt your property again as a renowned pest control service in Thane & Mumbai.


Our insect control program includes four applications throughout the year for the most potent protection against pest infestations of all varieties. Home experts continue to hail professional pest control service from Pest-O-Stop as an essential element for safeguarding their house and investments.


Pests Can Be Dangerous: There are a number of pests that can be dangerous if encountered. A pest infestation of any kind is fatal. Pests can leave painful and harmful bites on humans and they can carry diseases and viruses into your home. Pests can contaminate and eat household food and spread germs.

• Opting for professional insect control services can save you from the stress and worry of fending off insect attacks.

• Creepy and crawly house guests can be more than just annoying. Pests and termites can pose a real and serious threat to your home and family.


An Investment that saves you money: Many homeowners make the mistake of dealing with pest issues after they occur. This can mean wasting thousands on extermination fees, insect trappers and home repairs when insect problems inevitably get out of hand.


The perfect solution that saves You time: We know you’re busy, which is why we want to help you maximize your productive time. In three quick visits, we will have your property fortified against the nuisance of all kinds of rodents and insects. We’ll even schedule treatment appointments for when they are most convenient to your schedule.


IRS Treatment (Indoor Residual Spray Treatment): We use IRS treatment which is 100% Order less & WHO Certified. IRS involves coating the walls and other surfaces of a House/office with a residual Insecticide. This Insecticide will kill Mosquitoes and other insects that come in contact with these surfaces.IRS prevents transmission of Infection to other people.


Building on that idea, we make an extra effort to use products that are safe for the environment and that won’t harm the ecosystem .We aim to provide personalized, professional care that would fit in your budget.