The Membership has the benefit of a Comprehensive rate :Having a membership ensures no price change during the period of contract . In today’s competitive market,you are offered a complete package with good discounts and you are at relief of a safe property. No price hike till membership is alive.


Accidents and reactions in the recent times : We all have read in the media about the number of cases in the recent times of chemical reaction after pest control.So it’s a wise decision to have a membership with a reliable agency like Pest-O-Stop and be relaxed of any mishappenings.We provide proper instructions to the client to avoid any problem.


Free technical support and inspection:During the period of contract you have the advantage of Free technical support and inspection.


Share contract in friends and family: Share our contact with friends and family and earn good discounts.


Quality assurance : We use only quality products approved by the authority and our technicians are all trained by Haffkine Institute .