We use highly professional and advanced techniques for treating the termite infestation problem.We use direct chemical liquid for Termite control.

Our trained Pest control technicians are trained to use integrated termite treatment and control service.Our  products are applied inside and outside of a home.We use only Government approved chemicals.Our technicians shall use the latest detection techniques to locate termites in the wooden furniture,brick and masonry to cause no damage to the structure.


Pre-construction treatment: In our pre- construction, anti-termite as per BIS Spec. IS: 6313 (Part II) – 2001, Bottom surface and sides of foundation pits up to height of 30cm should be treated.

If you are looking for Termite control Service in Thane /Mumbai – Schedule a Termite inspection TODAY…

Never worry about Termites .

  • Certified annual inspection of your home and property
  • No termite control fees shall be charged if termites reappears
  • No termite damage repair bills.We’ll cover everything
  • The strongest termite control guarantee in the business is Pestostop
  • The latest control technologies applied by experienced professionals


  • Ensure all drilled holes are sealed properly
  • Shift the all wall attached material 2FT away from wall to facilitate drilling activity.
  • Empty wardrobes, wooden cabinets, wooden units, etc. for treatment of all fixed woodwork.
  • Suggest to fix the Plumbing leakage and seepage in the area.
  • Check the layout plan for electrical conduits, Gas and plumbing lines.
  • Destroy all existing infestations.
  • Remove all mud tubes.
  • Note down all damages, wooden fixture’s in details.
  • Ensure provision of electricity and water at the time of service.
  • Provide access to concealed areas such as false-ceiling, false flooring, loft, ducts/shaft and similar areas.
  • Always talk about management not eradication.



  • Do not leave any stains on the floor
  • Do not drill the holes without prior permission from the customer
  • Do not touch the customer belongings.
  • Don not apply the excess solution on the infested wooden fixtures


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