Bed bugs are very small insects without wings. They are a type of nocturnal parasites, as they rest during the day and feast at night. Bed bugs are parasites that rely on blood to survive. Bed bugs have the potential to carry diseases in the body. We use chemical treatment and offer two services in an interval of 15-day,  contract for 45 Days  for bed bug treatment. We spray residual pesticide into hiding places for bed bugs and at places where they have laid eggs. We also have a heat/steam method for controlling bed bugs. Heating / steam treatment methods are used effectively to treat this problem.

Bed bugs can affect anyone – rich or poor ,but especially those in urban areas are more affected

  • More common in low cost housing societies, old age homes, public places like theatres, transport vehicles,
  • Hospitals, hotels, dormitories, hostels, etc.
  • Wang et. in their trials in 2009 which included 16 infested one-bedroom apartments in the US. categorized the proportion of infestation based on their preferred hiding places:

> 60% in the box springs

  > 22% in mattresses  

  >13% in sofas and chairs

  > 4% in bed frames  1% in other areas


  • Nuisance Value
  • Dermal Allergy
  • Restless Sleep
  • Itching Problems


  • Long Lasting Effect
  • Completely Odourless
  • Hassle Free

If you are looking for Bedbug control Service in Thane /Mumbai – Schedule a Bedbug inspection TODAY ..

Never Worry about Bedbugs.

  • Certified 45 Days OR Annual inspection of your home and property
  • No Bedbugs control fees if bedbugs reappear
  • No Bedbugs damage repair bills. We’ll cover everything
  • The strongest bedbugs control grantees in the business is Pestostop
  • The latest control technologies applied by experienced professionals
  • Vacate all the cupboards & Beds at the time of service
  • Seal all the cracks & crevices with suitable material after service.
  • Keep small children’s & Pets away while servicing.
  • Ventilate the room properly before entering into it after service.
  • Make all the areas available for service at the time of service schedule.
  • Dismantle the Headboard of Bed at the time of services.
  • Inspect the laundry & baggage items always before storing for Bedbug infestation.


  • Don’t take any material outside from infested area at the time of services.
  • Do not spray the chemical when the doors and windows are closed
  • Close the doors and windows after treatment for 2 hrs
  • Do not allow the Asthma patients and Children in the house at the time of treatment
  • Do not use the cot/furniture till the chemical is completely dried
  • Do not panic when you find dead bedbugs
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