• Painting pest control services are the best preventive way to keep away from termites and pests such as spider, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, etc. during your annual colouring process.A paint additive is added to keep your property free from crawling insects. The paint additive also acts as an anti-rust. It can be mixed with paint or stain and won’t affect the finish or coating of the walls. Basically you’ll just paint as a normal painting ,but the chemical added to it will run the bugs away. From that point on the paint or stain will repel these crawling insects specially termites for as long as the paint remains on walls and when it depreciates, you will start noticing insects coming back, you can mix some of it up with water and spray over the paint on the walls.Pestostop has effective remedial measure for this kind of pest control.
  • Where is it used: Painting pest control is done on bridges, export packings, hospitals. Builders use it for foundation treatment.Architects use it on interior woodwork and a host of other areas.

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