What is Multi-accounting

Why do you create several accounts?

Re-registrations are practiced by bettors who, for one reason or another, have lost their main account in a bookmaker’s office. Players create new accounts in the betting company after the blocking of the gaming account or reduction of the maximums. Bonus-hunters, who create accounts, try again and again to get a welcome bonus from the office csgo parimatch, which is intended for newcomers. Also, multi-accounting is practiced by “forklangers”, who are often blocked by bookmakers.

Regardless of the reason, the same person cannot have a new account. The offender will be quickly identified and banned, and then the system will not allow you to register again at all.

How additional accounts are registered

Multi-account abusers have to ask friends and acquaintances for help, but it doesn’t reduce the risks – the bookmaker’s security service is on guard. To register an account, the bookmaker has the right to ask for a photo with a passport in unfolded form. You may need a scan of the utility bill to verify the address. More often than not, bookmakers will make a video call via Skype or other app. Even if a friend or acquaintance agrees to provide a passport photo, the other options will not be available.

A BK employee calls on the phone and asks questions about the game account – when the account is registered, what currency is selected, how much money is deposited on the first deposit. If a player answers at least one question incorrectly, the bookmaker’s office may consider it as an argument to block the account.

It is not difficult to bypass such a check, but not every owner of a “clean” account remembers when he registered his account and what was the size of the first bet.

It is even more difficult to bypass skype checks, which can also be arranged by BKs if suspicions arise. It may be that the friend or acquaintance, to whom the personal account is registered, is not around. Or this person is not familiar with the intricacies of betting – then you will have to explain to your friend the specifics of working with sports betting in order not to get into trouble.


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