How to bet live during a match in Parimatch

Live betting is a separate topic in each bookmaker’s office. This is the most popular section of the site, as most players prefer to wager during a match. This gives some advantages to the bettor, such as:

  • You do a visual analysis of the event and can predict the further development of the competition;
  • You can catch a high coefficient;
  • Fix losing pre-match analysis;
  • You get even more options for painting a match than before.

Let’s go through this in order. It is not worth talking about the fact that you can visually assess the situation. It is very convenient to view the events on which you can bet, it increases your chances of winning.

Thus, if a player is injured or sent off in a match, then you can predict how the game will develop in the future and make your own adjustments. Thanks to the cashout feature in Parimatch, you can return a certain amount of your bet. It turns out very convenient and profitable.

Special attention should be paid to how the coefficients change during the match. It depends on how the meeting is going. If a team actively attacks and puts pressure on the opponent, then it is not surprising that it automatically becomes the favorite and the coefficient for its victory or effective action decreases.

Bet parameter changed Parimatch what does it mean

It happens that you place a bet on the outcome you like, but a message pops up stating that the bet parameter has been changed by Parimatch. This can happen if a similar outcome is removed by the bookmaker itself, or it has already happened.

For example, you are watching a live match and decided to bet on a goal for a team. Go to the event list, select the required total, enter the amount, but while you were doing this, the teams scored a goal. For this reason, the rate parameter has been changed. Please note that before a dangerous free kick or penalty kick, the scoring action is blocked.

Parimatch live is not in vain considered a strong point of the bookmaker, so you should think about registering on this site right now and start making money.


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