Organic Pest control

Organic Pest control : Synthetic pesticides are unhealthy for the environment ,the people and animals that live in it.For this reason,You can opt for customised organic pest control service which has a little higher charge than the regular pest control service but is very effective in places like school,hospitals or even residential apartments. Pest control treatments in homes and commercial properties have become very popular and important in recent times due to people realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With this realization, it is equally important to realize the methods of treatments available and their effects.

Natural/herbal pest control methods are comparatively new in the fight against pests. So, let’s have a look at the key differences between herbal and chemical pest control methods :-

Herbal Pest Control

Herbal Pest Control products use organisms or odourless traps to control pests, this method also reduces the pests and never harms occupants of the area.

Natural Pest Control methods are safe very successful & less damaging for human beings and Environment than chemical controls.

Natural Pest Control methods take some more time to display effects, time taken for this is more than 10-15 days.

Herbal Pest treatment charges higher cost than Chemical Pest Control.

Natural pest methods are not as strong as chemical methods, and this is why multiple applications might be required in cases with higher pest density.

Herbal products are less popular in the market because these are comparatively harder to source.

Chemical Pest control

Chemical Pest Control takes quick action and it’s lower costs upfront. There are two types of CPC methods i.e. non-selective and selective which are most harmful because they can kill all kinds of organism & pests even human & pets also.

The toxins used in chemicals are more dangerous dangerous to children and sensitive people, who have weaker immune systems.

Chemical Pest Control method display effectiveness faster as compared to their herbal counterparts.

Chemical controls charges lower cost as compared to herbal products.

Chemical Control methods are stronger with respect to relative potency.

Chemical products are more popular in the market because these are very easy to use.

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